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How to protect products made from high moisture absorbent material easily damaged such as MDF, Okal, solid wood, concrete, pottery from impacts of weather conditions and maintain their durability permanently?

What is the complete coating solution for these products?

Understanding this problem, Hoa Viet Paint Company has concentrated on doing research and practical experiments and has successfully found expected painting solutions appropriate to diverse weather as well as factories’ manufacturing conditions in Vietnam.

The complete coating solution for easily damaged, high moisture absorbent material: MDF, Okal, concrete, tile, pottery…

Painting process is explained as followed:

Stage 1: for high moisture absorbent material, using sealant enamel paint, brush on surfaces of the product or immerse the product into the paint solution. The sealant compound is used from 100-150gram/ square meter.

Technical requirement: the dilute sealant enamel paint solution penetrates deep into the product, when dry, forming a coating layer covering, preventing moisture absorption and creating a new surface to connect with the next coating layers.

Stage 2: Using primer enamel paint (80-100µm in thickness) with high gloss, hardness and elasticity, chemical resistance. The primer can be applied from 1 to 3 layers depending on quality requirement.

Technical requirement: making the material’s surface become firm, water resistant. Finishing this stage, the material is already able to bear weather changing hot and cold.

The primer enamel paint’s firm has good elasticity allowing the material to contract due to temperature changes without the coating being brittle and cracked like other conventional PU, NC, AC paint.

Stage 3: Top coat applying 2K- non yellowing paint

Technical requirement: This finish coating layer is able to bear natural conditions like sunlight, rain, dew…

Applying well the three stage painting process above makes high quality in terms of aesthetics, durability for products needed to be protected.

Complete coating solution for solid wood

This is a hard problem having not solved for years.

Timber is natural material, which is diverse in species. Wood types have different humidity, age, hard or soft stem, small or big wood fibers, plenty of colors, oil-containing wood with dry, half dry or non-dry oil.

Currently, many paint producers use 2K and PU paints for solid wood, whose quality does not attain expected results. The painting process is usually two primer layers and one top coat. The primer’s ingredients contain tal powder, zinc and Cilica powder… to fill up wood grain’s open pores and lines, after that top coating with gloss or matt paint. With this painting process, the products would be changed in shape, coatings quickly aging, cracking, peeling off and yellowing under impacts of weather over time.

Hoa Viet painting process: the complete painting solution for solid wood

1.      Solid wooden products - indoor

Stage 1: using clear gloss enamel paint, brush or immerse the product into the paint solution, from 1 to 3 times depending on quality requirements.

Technical requirement: The dilute transparent enamel paint penetrates deep into the wood, after the resin hardening, the product’s surface becomes firm, hard, wood veins getting smaller, preventing oil-leaking, water resistant. Thanks to the distinctive properties of enamel paint: hard, glossy and thick quickly fill up the wood grain’s open pores and lines.

This is the foundation of the durability of wooden products exposed to changing temperature.

Stage 2: topcoat with Clear gloss enamel paint (thick coating film, high hardness) or with 2K paint with high gloss or various sheen (transparent coating)

2.     Solid wooden products – outdoor

Stage 1: using outdoor 10 in 1 paint, brush or immerse the product into the paint solution, from 1 to 3 times depending on quality requirements

Technical requirement: the dilute paint solution penetrates deep into the wood, after resin hardening, the product surfaces become firm, wood veins getting smaller, and preventing wood-oil leaking, water resistant, keeps the natural light color of the wood.

This is foundation of the durability of wooden products exposing to changing temperature.

Stage 2: top coating with 2K- non yellowing paint 

Technical requirement: able to bear natural conditions like sunlight, rain, dew…

With paints’ pre-eminent properties, we would like to bring to you the best coating solutions, satisfying your expectations of product quality.

We hope users and manufacturers would have a new vision on paint industry in Vietnam.

Painting instructions are guided for all clients and technicians for free.

Hope to receive support and feedback from you.

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